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Home Groups are smaller gatherings of men and women who meet throughout the week and do life together as a spiritual family. These communities of typically 10-20 people rally around the gospel - looking to daily live into the reality of who Jesus is and what He has done for us in his life, death, and resurrection. During a Home Group you can expect to study and respond to Scripture together, transparently share burdens, needs and sin, celebrate joys and victories, and engage in prayer for another. It is a safe place for you to be truly known while simultaneously experiencing the love and acceptance found in Jesus. As a result people are cared for with the truth of the gospel and then encouraged to in turn push that gospel outward as they live into it themselves.

As this is done, a home group becomes your people, your church. There is a mutual commitment to one another’s good and satisfaction in Christ. As Jesus is more fully formed in you, deep relationships are formed between you. To be fair, as broken people this type of gospel community is tough, messy, and takes some fighting for. It’s certainly not easy, but it’s absolutely worth it.

We have two different types of groups - College & Adult. Within these there are men-only groups, women-only groups, and mixed groups. Because of the need for heart-level transparency, our mixed groups still value gender-specific time and seek to create that within the structure and rhythm of their group. Times, locations, content, and childcare are all handled individually by each group. 


At Summit Church, we believe gospel community is the primary context for discipleship, because discipleship happens best in life-on-life relationships. Jesus demonstrated this reality in His own ministry. Within his crowd of followers He chose 12 to specifically walk with, and even further set aside 3 of those 12 for even greater closeness. Furthermore, our God is communal as Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. His own trinitarian nature testifies to unity within plurality. 

As ones formed in His image then, we were not created for isolation but rather for relationship. So although your relationship with the Lord is certainly personal, it was never meant to be private. When God saves us He saves us from something (sin), to something (Himself), for something (good works), but also into something - the Church. He has called you out of the darkness into His marvelous light, and living in the light fundamentally involves being known. 

For us, Home Groups are the primary avenue for this community with whom you enjoy and pursue Jesus. This is discipleship, and it is the ultimate goal of the group for the glory of God. If this is something that you desire, being in a home group is for you.

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