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Summit Men exists to make disciples for the glory of God through intentional multi-generational mentoring.  We see a clear picture in the Scriptures of men of faith pouring into and investing in other men, who then in time invest into others and so on.  Jesus demonstrated the model with his 12 apostles - and specifically targeting Peter, James and John for a deeper investment.  Paul then used this model with his proteges, Timothy and Titus, even as Barnabas mentored him.  In his letters to both of these men Paul makes explicit this design for discipleship (2 Timothy 2:1-2; Titus 2:1-6).


Our plan to facilitate this kind of discipleship will be three-fold:

  • Bible Study
  • Community & Fellowship 
  • Accountability

For more information please contact Nathan Tate - nathan@summitonline.tv